Parking Commission

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Established by ORDINANCE 14-2015-16 (September 3, 2015); 5 members (must be resident of city at least one year); 2-year term


  •   Carol Clark       
    • Sept. 2019 – Aug. 2021
  • Councilman Travis Holleman      
    • Oct. 2019 - Aug. 2021
  •   Alan Senseney        
    • Sept. 2018 – Aug. 2020
  •   Morgan Knight   
    • Sept. 2019 – Aug. 2021
  •   Ryan Bowie    
    • May 2019 – Aug. 2020

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Clarksville Parking Commission is to provide, maintain and operate adequate, high-quality, customer-focused public parking and encourage economic growth for the benefit of the residents, businesses and visitors of Clarksville.

Responsible for the operation and management of city-owned on and off-street parking facilities. Meter maintenance, construction parking permits, hang-tag applications.

First Hour Free

The Clarksville Parking Commission  adopted a "First Hour Free" program, which supports all on-street metered parking downtown. A sensor installed in the pavement will detect your vehicle as you arrive and will automatically populate the meter with an hour of free time. You may then add additional time to the meter, up to a maximum of three hours.

Parking Kiosk

Are available in the surface lot outside of the historic court house and Cumberland Plaza Garage, located at:
2nd and Commerce Street
Clarksville, TN 37040

Meter Accepts

  • Visa/Mastercard/
  • U.S.$1.00, $0.25, $0.10 and $0.05 

Note: Exact payment only and no change given! Minimum purchase with credit card is 1 hour. All day ticket is $6.00

2016 Objectives

  • Address facility cleanliness
  • Increase number of hours for Maintenance staff, create schedule/plan
  • Develop snow/ice removal plan
  • Address beautification of facilities
  • Establish a new parking garage/parking garage study
  • Develop a long term parking plan, identifying anticipated growth and additional parking needs
  • Evaluate enforcement software
  • New enforcement vehicle

2015 Objectives

  • Begin power-washing garage and garage stairwells twice annually
  • Install trash receptacles in each garage
  • Complete installation of decorative meter sleeves
  • Install bulb-out to protect 2nd Street crosswalk
  • Request installation of “wrong way” signage at the back of stop signs
  • Enhance parking signage on street
  • Work with TRC to initiate a “First Hour Free” marketing campaign
  • Address issues with the Arlington monument at the Cumberland Plaza

2014 Objectives

  • Begin Franklin Street lot renovations
  • Bioswales were presented as an objective, David Smith proposed sharing the installation cost with the Street Department
  • Acceptance of online payments
  • Garage Improvements, including painting of stairwell and elevator doors, level identification, signage and addition of a water riser
  • Continued installation of the decorative meter sleeves
  • Explore purchase options for debit/credit mechanisms
  • Continued investigation of the potential supplementation of the TRC Director Salary funding
  • Communication and Marketing was identified as a prime area for improvement
  • Proposed installation of Wayfinding signage was noted as critical
  • Transitioning the top level of the garage to three-hour free parking
  • Continued examination of additional structured parking

View the 2014 Strategic Planning Session (DOC).

2013 Objectives

  • Continued investigation of our free parking initiative
  • Installation and monitoring of recently purchased bike racks to determine functionality and frequency of use
  • Determine a new approach to parking at the Regional Planning Commission, while completing renovations
  • Cooperate with the Street Department as they repair downtown sidewalks, restriping as necessary
  • Installation of meters on Public Square, supporting the reverse-diagonal spaces
  • Maintain and expand upon landscaping program
  • Cooperate with the Street Department to design and install “wayfinding” signage, directing traffic to off-street parking locations
  • Explore and consider findings of the charrette conducted by UT
  • Continued examination of additional structured parking

Meeting Documents