What can be done about thermal expansion?

There are signs to look for to identify potential problems before more serious ones occur. Please learn the signs of thermal expansion from the list. Some signs of thermal expansion:

  • The relief valve on the water heater drips during the recovery cycle
  • Hot water pipes make a creaking sound
  • There is a sudden surge of water when a faucet is first turned on, then the pressure drops
  • Premature failure of water heaters, plumbing and fixtures
  • Hot water in the cold water lines

It’s important to know that the water heater relief valve should not be used as a means of controlling thermal expansion. Instead, contact a plumbing professional if you suspect a problem. The plumber can schedule an inspection and install proper thermal expansion control methods. Contact Angel Goike with the Cross Connection office at 931-553-2489 for more information.

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